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Terms ISKF

If you want to participate ISKF, You need to get recommendation from each district of Shihan
  International Seishinryu Karate Federation.
  All Japan Seishinkai Karate Federation.
  Regulations for Official Representation for
  With effect from 1st November 2011


ISKF Dojo and Friendship dojo
Lineal dojo/Seishin-ryu Branch
Affiliation dojo
    (1) Official member.
Associate member(standardmember)
Friendship dojo
.Special Friendship dojo

Rules and regulations of ISKF
1. If you joined as a friendship dojo we are not 
     including the Dan in the Certificate.
     ( we are not writing the Dan )

2. Official certificate will be sent to you by airmail
     after payment is received.

3. Annual Registration fee US$ 100.
4. Annual Membership fee for renewal must be paid
     every year before 31st of December.

Affiliate Courses

1. Objectives of ISKF
a.i. To develop and improve the techniques and spirit in the tradition and values of Seishinryu /Motobu-kenpo Karate do and sprit of ISKF.
a.ii. To train athletes and to improve their mental and physical strength.
a.iii. To promote cordial and friendly relations among all association and representatives of style.
b. To protect the interest of Seishinryu /Motobu-kenpo Karate, its associates and representative of style and to represent the style and its associates before third parties throughout the world.
c. To organize the style and body of Seishinryu/Motobu-kenpo Karate and to establish international technical, administrative and operational regulations for all activities organized by ISKF around the world.

2. Requirements
a. To be an associate of ISKF in good standing
b. Good reputation and sufficient qualification
c. Compliance with the regulations and decisions of ISKF
d. Payment of the annual registration fee for representation

3. Provide the following supporting documents to the ISKF Headquarters
a. Application form [for Honbu-cho or Shibu-cho]
b. Two photos of the Representative of the relevant country. [passport format]
c. Copy of the Candidate Dan Certificate.
d. Curriculum vitae of the Candidate. [Resume]
e. Map of the country/territory including the location of the HQ or Dojo

4. Legal Terms of ISKF
a. The purpose of ISKF is to represent and administer the Karate style Motobukai throughout the world, in concert with Japan, without discrimination by sex, race, religion or political affiliation.
b. The associated dojos shall comply with the regulations and decision of ISKF. They shall show loyalty, integrity and respect towards ISKF and all other associates, regardless of origin, citizenship or karate style practiced.
c. The name and crest of ISKF is the legal property of the corporation. All real estate, movables, funds, copyrights and other rights are the property of ISKF. They may not be negotiated or transferred by any associate or representative of style without the written consent of the Executive Office.
d. Associates in good standing have the right to participate in tournaments, seminars, exams and other events organized by ISKF. Associates no financial rights and no rights to vote or to be elected to any position in ISKF.

5. Regulations for Dan Examination.
a. After preliminary evaluation, ISKF will either confirm the current Dan grade or promote to a higher Dan grade. Prior to a promotion, a technical examination is required.

b. Beside technical skill, the candidate must also prove their knowledge of the fundamental historical, ethical and philosophical issues of Karate do and its styles. The test can be in writing or in oral form [questions]

c. The Dan Certificate [Menjo] will be sent by mail upon successful completion of the examination. All ISKF Dan Certificates are in Japanese/English and will be signed by the Kaicho Okubo Katsumi Waken President of ISKF and The seal of the Kaicho of ISKF.

6. Costs and Fees
The examination fees for the Dan grades are following;
If you want to be next dan,you need training over several years after you got dan.
Shihan-menjo  4th-dan〜
Renshi-menjo  5th-dan〜
Tatsushi-menjo  6th-dan〜
Kyoshi-menjo  7th-dan〜
Hanshi-menjo  9th-dan〜

The examination fee must be paid in full prior the exam and is not refundable. The costs of the belt are not included in the examination fee. Belts with Japanese characters by request only.

7. KYU Examination.
Honbucho must take the responsibility and giving authority to conduct for all the schools in his /her country up to 10th Kyu to 1st Kyu and follow the instructions of the ISKF.

8. Annual Registration Fee 100US$
a. Annual Membership fee for renewal must be paid every year before 31 December.
b. Official Certificate will be sent to you by airmail after payment is received.

International Seishin Ryu Karate Federation
All Japan Seishin Kai Karate Federation
Soke Okubo Katsumi Waken
President /Grand Master International


Annual fee

Annual fee   100 US$

                       Japan Bank
Beneficiary Bank Japan Post Bank
Branch Head Office
Beneficiary Bank Address 3-2, Kasumigaseki 1-chome, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 100-8798, Japan
Beneficiary Bank BIC (SWIFT Code) JPPSJPJ1
Beneficiary Bank CHIPS UID 427593
Payee Account Number 02700-9-6272
Name of Account Holder Seishinkan
Payee Address 2-2-4-15,
Payee Telephone Number 011-300-0048

Remittance method

1. Bank transfer
2.   Money Gram
3. SBI Remit

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